A net-zero Carbon Brightwell-cum-Sotwell? We need your input!

Following on from the Glasgow COP26 conference in November 2021, countries across the world are committing to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by mid-century. This means any carbon emissions they emit will have to be matched equally by systems which absorb carbon. In the UK, we have a world leading commitment to achieve a net-zero economy by 2050, but how can Brightwell-cum-Sotwell contribute to achieving this ambitious commitment?

Did you know that each home in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell emits on average over 6 tons of CO2 every year?

Almost 20% of Brightwell-cum-Sotwell’s total carbon emissions come from burning the fossil fuels (gas and oil) needed to heat homes. To meet our net-zero carbon ambitions, we will need to decarbonize the heating systems in all homes across the UK. But there are concerns that this could be expensive to homeowners and involve unreliable technology. 

What can we do about it?

Brightwell-cum-Sotwell Parish council have employed Bioregional, an environmental charity with 20 years’ experience in developing zero-carbon homes, to study the options for decarbonising heating provision across the parish. They have teamed up with Fairheat, one of the UK’s leading heat network engineering firms and ICAX, a UK based heat pump manufacturer with extensive experience in designing, installing and operating heat pump technology, to work alongside them in assessing the viability of a community scale zero-carbon heating solution.

What will this project involve?

Over the next few months, Bioregional, Fairheat and ICAX will be conducting a feasibility study to determine what a community heat-network could look like in the parish, and the best way this could be developed. This will include exploring the suitability of renewable technologies, such as heat pumps and identifying viable business models that will work best for the community.

Importantly, they are working with the parish and the community. They have the technical knowledge and experience, but they will need to hear your insight, thoughts, and concerns throughout this process so we can all work towards the best possible outcome.

From now until late Spring 2022, Bioregional will be looking to host a community event to hear your views, and will be creating a project website in the coming months. This will provide regular updates on the project. This information will also be distributed through the Parish and social media.

We look forward to working with you!