Welcome to the Brightwell cum Sotwell Parish Council website, which provides you with details of your councillors, parish facilities, local information, the Neighbourhood Plan and the Community Led Parish Plan.

We hope it is helpful, but we are always grateful for suggestions to improve it.

Many of you will already know Lucy Dalby, our Parish Clerk. She can be found in the Parish Council Office at the back of the Village Hall on Monday 8.30-12.30, Tuesday 2.15 -3.15 and Thursday 2.15 – 3.15

Lucy Dalby – Parish Clerk can be contacted by Email: clerk@brightwellcumsotwellpc.co.uk

Also, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Parish Council to raise issues or let us know your views, or attend the monthly Council meetings in the Church Room behind St Agatha’s church.

We also wish to enhance and modernise links with as many people in the parish as we can through an email directory, which will enable us to communicate with you quickly and easily. In order to facilitate this please could you send your email contact details to Lucy by email.

As most of you will know, details about parish life can be found on the community website www.brightwellcumsotwell.co.uk

It is important that we can communicate with you as easily as possible.

Sue Robson, Chairman

South Oxfordshire District Council

Pat Dawe

Address: Springfield - 42a Wallingford Road, Cholsey, Wallingford OX10 9LB

Tel: 01491 651 994

Jane Murphy

Address: Corner Cottage - High Street, South Moreton, Didcot OX11 9AD

Tel: 07970 932 054

Oxfordshire County Council

Lynda Atkins

Address: 39 Station Road, Wallingford OX10 0JX

Tel: 01491 839 120

Parish Council

Sue Robson

Address: Hope Cottage - Mackney Lane, Brightwell cum Sotwell OX10 0SQ

Tel: 07905 493 690

Email: sue@brightwellcumsotwellpc.co.uk

Lucy Dalby

Address: The Parish Office - Stewart Village Hall, West End, Brightwell cum Sotwell OX10 0RY

Tel: 01491 826 968

Email: lucy@brightwellcumsotwellpc.co.uk

Helen Baines
Vice Chair

Address: The School House - West End, Brightwell cum Sotwell OX10 0RY

Tel: 01491 837 047

Email: helen@brightwellcumsotwellpc.co.uk

Celia Collett

Address: Thistledown - The Square, Brightwell cum Sotwell OX10 0SB

Tel: 01491 835 988

Parish Council responsibilities: Earth Trust
Planning Committee
Neighbourhood Plan

Jason Debney

Address: The Knowle - Bakers Lane, Brightwell cum Sotwell OX10 0PU

Tel: 01491 834 782

Email: jason@brightwellcumsotwellpc.co.uk

Parish Council responsibilities:
Grass Verges
Neighbourhood Plan
Planning Committee

David Fox

Address: Allnuts - The Street, Brightwell cum Sotwell OX10 0RR

Tel: 01491 833 542

Parish Council responsibilities:
Planning Committee (Chairman)

Sarah Jackson

Address: Duffield House - West End, Brightwell cum Sotwell OX10 0RY

Tel: 01491 833 660

Graham Gilgrass

Address: Sotwell Manor - Bakers Lane, Brightwell cum Sotwell OX10 0PX

Tel: 01491 838 854

Parish Council responsibilities:
Kings Meadow and Recreation Ground

Alec McGivan

Address: The Street Cottage - Brightwell Street, Brightwell cum Sotwell OX10 0RT

Parish Council responsibilities:
Planning Committee

Robert Nielsen
Councillor (Shillingford Ward)

Parish Council responsibilities:
Mineral Strategy